Charity begins at home

This morning, my head is exploding, meteorites in my brain, fireworks spinning. Nothing to get out of it. Too much excitement, too many ideas, too much of everything. TOO MUCH.

So what?

Tidy up not sexy. Making order opens up a possible redemption. Key word.

But in the brain this morning I can’t see well. I will exhaust myself. So I attack a cabinet. That of clothes. If possible in full awareness – I will come back to this notion one day, I promise.

Begin by breathing deeply for 1-5 minute/s. 6 seconds on the inhale, 6 seconds on the exhale. I visualize a vegetable garden in the Emmental region, Switzerland – Pico Bello, all square. But to each his own references …

1. Plan. Drawing of the cabinet. Name and color of piles. Structure structure. Nothing else. Plan! Always breathe.

2. Warm up. Divide the pile into four:

A. I keep in my cupboard

B. I put in crates in the cellar or elsewhere because out of season

C. I give – with joy – to more or less relatives

D. I give – with joy – Texaid (too worn out, to be recycled). Breathe.

3. Get organized. Stick the plan of the cabinet on the door. Use a stepladder if necessary. Yes, breathe.

4. Take action. Start at the bottom. Smile. End at the top with the clothes you keep but don’t wear anyway. And hop we breathe.

5. Sit in front of the cabinet on a chair – a crate too. Admire. Smile. Final breath.

6. Be happy to put the binz there when the brain is impeccable!

If the brain then looks like your cupboard, you will be able to think, invent, create, in short work in the agreed jargon.
If not, start over with the food cabinet. Or the attic. Or the medicine cabinet. Or books - sort them alphabetically by author.
By Beatrice Paternò Castello

charity begins at home