Hi Ladies, I’m Allegra, a Swiss&Italian woman living in Geneva and I’m excited to share with you the story of LABISK.OT activewear.

I started my fitness journey in my early 20’s, however I evolved in it and it became a must in my life; It helped me with happiness, concentration, energy, good sleep and more.

LABISK.OT took its first breath in Summer 2021 and aligns the needs of our planet with those of urban, sophisticated and active women: Well-being, Sport, Comfort and Purity.

Through feminine and mix & match pieces designed and produced in Europe from recycled/recyclable and eco-made fibers, LABISK.OT wishes to offer well-being in the lives of women while preserving nature.

“Caring for yourself, Caring for the environment”

Our journey starts now.

sustainable activewear