About us

Hi Sweat & Sweet Ladies, I’m Allegra, a Swiss&Italian girl living in Geneva and I’m excited to share with you the story of LABISK.OT activewear.

I started my fitness journey in my early 20’s, however I evolved in it and it became a must in my life; It helped me with happiness, concentration, energy, good sleep and more.

On the other side I’ve always had a passion for fashion, I studied and worked in this industry travelling around Europe.
My 4-year experiences in Milan and Paris accentuated my need to take time for myself and be aware of the environmental situation. I could not find an activewear brand that met my needs: performance, comfort, ecology and femininity …

LABISK.OT took its first breath in Spring 2020 and aligns the needs of our planet with those of urban, sophisticated and active women: Well-being, Sport, Comfort and Purity.

Through feminine and mix & match pieces designed and produced in Europe from recycled/recyclable and eco-made fibers, I wish to offer well-being in the lives of women while preserving nature.

“Caring for yourself, Caring for the environment”

Our journey starts now.

Special thanks to my partners:
Aude, my fashion designer
Morgane, my textile designer
Digi2all, my digital partner
Ecovest, my manufacture
Sofileta, my fabric provider