Boosting your immune system this Fall

Boosting your immune system this Fall

OUR 5 RECOMMENDATIONS TO BE ENERGISED AND BOOST YOUR IMMUNITYToday, we give your our best tips to boost your immune system for Fall and Winter. Our solutions take care of your mind and body to be energised and strong for the cold season

Walk 30-45 minutes a day at your lunch break

Put on a good pair of sneakers and hop off in the countryside, by the lake or in the forest for 30 to 45 minutes every day. This small activity will allow you to disconnect from work, rest your eyes and relieve back pain.

But most importantly, walking improves your sleep, decreases your anxieties, and improves your mood. But why ? When you walk you secrete small doses of endorphins (the hormone of happiness), your brain gets oxygen and you activate your blood circulation. We all have our “digestion” moment after lunch, but with this little activity you will get back at the office ready to face your afternoon in a good mood and invigorated.

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Fill up on Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps bind calcium on our bones, cell renewal in many tissues and more generally it boosts our immune system.

In Europe a major part of the population has a vitamin D deficiency because two thirds of vitamin D is synthesized by the skin. To know if you are in the standards or not you have to take a blood test and if you have a rate equal to or greater than 30ng / ml it is perfect, on the other hand if you have a rate lower than 20ng / ml you have a real deficiency that must be taken care of. It is still recommended to do a cure in Fall and Winter up to 2000Ul / day but this daily rate must be recommended by your doctor.

In addition, vitamin D3 supplementation reduces the risk of acute respiratory infections by 12%.
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Start a micronutrients cure

Certain micronutrients participate in the immune defense of our body and are generally present in our daily diet. But in the fall our bodies have to adjust to changes in weather, schedule and temperature, and the energy allocated to these tasks impacts our immunity and health. In order to respond to these seasonal change disorders, a cure should be carried out with an adapted formula of Tibetan “precious pills” containing all the catalytic micronutrients present in our body. This glutenfree and vegan “Precious Solution” will allow you to tone your body and fight the fatigue of the seasonal change.

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Try Luminotherapy

Essential for everyone, sleeping is one of the keys to being in good shape. Are you more tired during fall? Do you need more sleep? This is probably the case for many of us and this feeling is linked to the reduced exposure to natural light disrupting the circadian rhythm of the body. Indeed our body must produce more melatonin and this leads to fatigue.

In order to keep our energy and maintain an appropriate sleep rhythm, it is recommended to do light therapy. Light therapy compensates for the lack of light and restores vitality and morale by regulating our circadian rhythm. It has plenty of other psychological and physical benefits that you will discover if you get started.
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Give turmeric a place in your kitchen

Whether you cook with it or add it to a hot drink or smoothie, turmeric is a great choice, mainly because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin, which is the natural active ingredient in turmeric, has antioxidant properties that help fight inflammation at the cellular level and thereby boost the immune system. Curcumin is also recognized by the WHO for its effectiveness in difficult digestion; it stimulates the production of digestive fluid to fight acidities from meat, alcohol or tobacco.

So add a rich orange color to your favorite Fall dishes, improve your digestion, and top up on antioxidants.

Quick tip: For the best absorption, pair it with black pepper or turmeric oil.

Hope these recommendations will definitely help you boost your immune system this Fall and that you will be back on track for Winter time !